Translated by : Hamid Alshammar> Suhad Al- Fayadh>Masquerade

اذهب الى الأسفل

Translated by : Hamid Alshammar> Suhad Al- Fayadh>Masquerade

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Suhad Al- Fayadh

Translated by : Hamid Alshammari

My master gentlemen
Invite me once only
To a masquer  ade
In which I abandon murder weapons.
There in the field
I won't put on glasses.
I don't want clear vision
For everyone preserved traditions.
Dance, O , my mad letters !
The time is a festival.
Everything is available
And furious is the longing for morning.
I will throw my volcano lava,
Purify myself to the manner born
I explain all conscience misfortunes
And you, my beloved Adam
I will give you a space for joy
To be sure of your feelings nobility
You shattered my dignity for ages.
You saw faith road dismal
And betrayed me several times
Without right.
How much they prevented me from it !
I will drink wine tenaciously
On the soul of my remote library
Leaving the lambs
Violating my happy garden.
There in the party
I will come without mask.
Why there is farewell ,
And why do we rush to termination?
Stealth is legitimate
And wine is legal.
The most interesting things
Are false and deception .
You and I are a symbol of
Desertification and nudity
So invite me to a masquerade.


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